Reason to create your own Certificate of Live Birth

In the United States, state-issued Birth Certificates and state-issued Birth Affidavits are adhesion contracts, where your birth certificate is used to enslave your child to the National Debt of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and its corporate statutes. In case you were not aware, we lost our country completely when America went bankrupt in 1933, but also when our Republic was turned into a mere corporation (The Act of 1871.) See and


Substitute all words in blue with the factual information concerning the birth of your child. Eliminate as many underlines as practical. This 'form' is simply an idea in creating your own. If, at some point in the future, your child want to be in the system or obtain a passport, your notarized certificate of live birth will be sufficient to prove the fact that your child was born in this country. The reason you may want a witness on your certificate of live birth is because, in the event your child wants to opt into their system, the state will request the written testimony of a witness if you do not put one on your certificate of live birth.

Certificate of Live Birth



I,    Father's full name           , and my wife,        Mother's full name     , gave birth to

Child's full name       on     Month, Day, Year      at       Time    Eastern Standard Time.


Our   daughter/son ,    Child's full name      , was born in our home at      Street Address, City, State.

She/he  was    weight           and    length (21 inches)  at birth and is perfect in every way, a true miracle of God's Creation.





Print Father's Name                     




Print Mother's Name




Witness -  Print Witness's Name       




Subscribed and sworn to before me this _______ day of _________, __________.






  Notary Public for the State of ________



  Residing in ___________________________



  My commission expires ______________